Got questions?  No problem, we get that a lot.

Here are some answers to the questions we hear most often.

Can adjustments help with nursing?

Yes, mothers report great success with latching, nursing, and digestive issues following adjustments. Whether the problem is misalignment or nerve interference, chiropractic is a great place to start.


How often should I get adjusted?

We recommend being adjusted once a week until your body balances, then every other week or monthly to maintain wellness.


How soon can I get my infant adjusted?

Immediately or soon after birth.


I'm a little scared.

It's OK. We meet you where you are and will explain everything that is happening. If you are REALLY good, you get a stick and get to ring the Brave Bell ... just like the kids!


I'm feeling OK, should I come in?

Chasing a pain cycle (only coming in when you are in pain) will help relieve today's pain. For wellness, we recommend getting adjusted regularly.


I'm not sure my toddler will be still for an adjustment.

Yeah, that's the way toddlers work! Dr. Abby is specially trained to work with children and make adjustment time easy and fun!


Isn't it dangerous to adjust an infant?

In the same way that you don't treat an infant like an adult, we don't adjust infants like adults. Adjusting very young children utilizes as much pressure as one would use while touching your eye.


What do I wear?

It's best to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing for your adjustment, but we want to make it easy to get adjusted regularly so come as you are!


Why don't you use X-rays?

X-rays are good if you want to see bone but Chiropractic addresses so much more than that. We use state-of-the-art scans to get deeper insight into the nervous system and musculature, in addition to skeletal elements.


Will adjustments help my child with...

Consistent chiropractic care aids the body in achieving balance in the nervous system and optimizing health and development. So yes, adjustments will help your child with most health challenges either directly or indirectly.